Benefits of Using Martyn's Lawns

  • Golf Greens can be playable within weeks!
  • Instant solution to grass replacement on sports grounds.
  • Lawns can be laid overnight where children play.
  • The Building Industry can benefit using Martyn's Grass Lawns,as we can  landscape any factory site or residental area in a matter of hours.
  • The landscaper can achieve the desired look instantly and can lay the lawn to  any shape or size required.

Benefits of Amenity and Sports Turf

  • A well-prepared sports area offers safe cushioning, an even surface for sport,  and the aesthetic value of an attractivegrass area.
  • Excellent seed quality, closely sown, allows for good effective reduction of  soil erosion by wind or water.
  • Enhances air quality, benefiting the environment, by generating oxygen and absorbing pollutants from the air.



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