GKB combinator

gkb combinator
Brand: GKB




Frase mowing and aeration

The Combinator has been specially developed for work on grassy areas. As the top layers can be cut to a length of 0 to 5 cm, the machine is suitable for both frase mowing and verticutting. The Combinator can remove both the top layer and grass cover. When the Combinator frase mows on uneven surfaces, it removes all irregularities giving a perfectly levelresult.Frasemowingisdoneusingaspeciallydesignedrotorshaftwith cutting blades. This rotor shaft can also be used for verticutting. The cut material is then taken away by a horizontal and an elevating conveyor belt. The elevating conveyor belt can be folded away neatly onto the machine (for transport). The depth can be varied by adjustingtheconveyorrollerstomatchthethreadedspindles.Inallmodels,adjustment of both the rear and forward rollers is done using a pendulum system. 

 Infill removal

The Combinator can also be used for the removal of infill material in artificial turf. When renovating artificial turf it is often necessary to replace the infill material, by equipping the Combinator with a special brush the infill material can be brushed off the field. The infill material is then transported to a conveyor belt, so that it can easily be collected and disposed of.

Some of the innovations are listed below:

 Conveyer belt folds neatly away onto machine;

Can be used in small spaces / low-lying areas with conveyor belt folded away;

The conveyor rollers can be adjusted using a patented pendulum system;

Plastic scrapers fitted on conveyor rollers;

The new rotor shaft is suitable for both frase mowing and aeration, with several different settings and an increased capacity;

Improved soil removal system with less wear and tear and higher reliability;

New design;

Heavy Duty Frame;

Several new innovations leading to higher reliability and less maintenance;

Finely tuned.



Cost-effective as a result of combination of activities;

Quick replacement of the grass cover;

Levelling of uneven ground;

Inexpensive conversion of rough grassy areas into sports fields;

Weed control without use of chemicals;

Easy removal of moss(thatch) so as to improve growth;

Mowing and levelling for development of nature par


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