Martyns Ground Quake Sand Injector

Martyns Ground Quake Sand Injector
Brand: Martyns

Martyns Ground Quake Sand Injector

Martyns have developed a new technology for the growing demand for a one pass system to aerate, de-compact and drain all types of sports related surfaces, with minimal disturbance, allowing the client to use the grounds on the same day.

Manufactured in Ireland this machine is build to the highest of standards using household names for all its components. The Ground Quake Sand Injector is traded internationally under our sister company STEC 

So how does it work?
This machine is capable of performing both de-compaction and sand slitting in a SINGLE PASS. With three 10inch long blades per flange, working on 10inch centres, this machine quakes the ground from side to side as the blades rotate. This results in optimal de-compaction by laterally fracturing the soil profile, while also backfilling the trench. With vibration in both the chutes and hopper, as well as a triple agitator system inside the hopper, the Ground Quake is able to use a variety of soil amendments. Permitting use of damp sand, pea gravel, or any other material you choose, this gives you added versatility while greatly reducing cost.

The Ground Quake Sand Injector comes with a rear roller system that evenly distributes the machines weight across the ground, eliminating any heave. It connects to any tractor, with either hydrostatic drive or one fitted with creep speed, by the drawbar. When not in use it can be easily transported by hydraulically lifting it onto its four turf tires. We have also given it a centralized greasing system and self lubricating chain, for low and easy maintenance. The Ground Quake Sand Injector is unrivalled in quality, engineering and output. With one person, one tractor, and the Ground Quake Sand Injector you can quickly and easily de-compact and sand slit in one pass. Whether you are improving surface drainage, amending your soil profile, or supplementing sub-surface drainage, this machine will save you time and money.

This machine is cost and time efficient with a capability of covering up to 1000sqm per hour (GQ1500)
Martyns Manufacturing are happy to recommend various contactors in Ireland who have already acquired a Ground Quake Sand Injector.

Two models are available the GQSI-1000 and the GQSI -1500, giving 1m or 1.5m working widths.