Bed Edger F - 991H

Bed Edger F - 991H
Brand: Brown

Model F991H BedEdger

The Model F991H provides the maneuverability and power you've been needing. Featuring 9 HP Honda Engines and steerable wheels. Interchangeable rotors provide versatility for landscaping or trenching operations.

Engine    9 HP Commercial Honda
Weight    175 lbs/79.5Kg
Wheels    Steel with Pneumatic Tires
Points    Tungsten Carbide
Drive    Double Belt and Pulley System
Rate    Bed Edging: 10 to 30 ft. Per Min
Trenching: 7 to 30 ft. Per Min
Depth    Up to 9 Inches*
Width    1/2 to 9 Inches*

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