Sod Laying

Your Guide To Laying The Sod

1. Preparing

If weeds and stones are a problem, these should be removed.
Cultivate the area, level and add soil if necessary. Consolidate the area by heeling (not rolling).
Rake over, obtaining a fine tilth to ensure contact between the soil and turves.

2. Laying

Moisten soil if dry. Roll out, butting the strips tightly together.
Never stretch the turves to meet. Lay a plank on the first row and work from the plank.
Stagger the second row and each row thereafter, creating a brickwork pattern.
Water until turves are wet. Tramp or lightly roll whilst still moist.

3. After Laying

Keep well watered during the first 2-week period. Then water as normal thereafter.
Light applications of fertiliser might be necessary in spring.

4. Mowing

It is advisable not to mow turves until good root growth has established.
This normally takes 2 weeks in good growing conditions and it is preferable that initial cuts
should be at a sufficient height not to scalp the new lawn.

5. Grass Seed

Martyn's Grass Lawns use only the specified varieties of grass seed recommended by STRI (Sports Turf Research Institute).
When the sod has reached perfect maturity it is then harvested by the most sophisticated equipment available.
To ensure the quality of our grass we carry out strict ongoing quality checks for weed and pest control.
This regular monitoring guarantees a mature and disease free sod at the point of sale.


Product Grass Species


Main Benefits

Fescue Bent

Golf Greens
Bowling Greens
Luxury Lawns

Very fine texture
Dense sward
Suitable for close mowing
Superb appearance
High maintenance required

Martyn's Landscape

Dwarf Rye Grass Fescue

All types of landscaping
Golf Tees

Medium/Course texture
Medium/Tall height
Hard wearing
Good appearance with average maintenance

Martyn's Sports Mix

Fescue Dwarf Rye Bent

Football pitches
Rugby pitches
Soccer pitches

Quality blend of top rated rye grasses and fescue
Extremely hard wearing
Good Disease resistance

Down Graded from any of the above grades Budget Schemes
Low price
Strong and easy to lay


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