Company History

Martyns Grasslawns was established in 1987. The company was the first in Ireland to grow turf. It started out with 5 acres, growth within the industry placed greater emphasis on need to expand and at the peak we had 240 acres.

As the company came in contact with various clients it saw a need for the supply of equipment, compact tractors, landscape equipment, golf course equipment and drainage equipment,

With the demand for sand based turf for golf links courses and golf greens, Martyns linked with some of the leading growers in the U.K to provide specialist turf which can be on site within 24 hours of order.

During the boom years with such a demand for equipment. Martyns established a base in South Carolina USA, which today is called STEC Equipment (Specialized Turf Equipment) which now handles sales in the USA for many major European manufactures and in turn sources equipment for Irish Customers.

Martyns ship containers to and from the USA on a regular basis and can ship pallets or machinery for a client if necessary .

With demand for specialist equipment world wide Martyns developed a drainage machine which can drain the ground and inject sand or grit and leave it ready for play immediately afterwards. We currently have machines in USA, Canada, Australia and Japan and have delivered a machine to Americas No. 1 golf course in Georgia.This machine is called the GroundQuake Sand Injector.

Martyns are also involved in the supply of sand, drainage chip and crushed material and supply leading Galway company Oran Precast.

Our company objective has always been to offer the highest possible service to our customers through continuous improvement in our growth, production and delivery process.

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