AgriMetal Multi-Vac

Brand: AgriMetal

The advantages of this exclusive design are:

Prevents the operator from having to stop and unclog the pickup head

Increases the time between discharges

Increases productivity

Pickup head

The pickup head is raised and lowered hydraulically from the driver's seat. As the operator raises the pickup head, the front raises first, which helps pick up piles of thick leaves. The pickup head rolls on 4 large rollers to eliminate marking, compaction and prevents damage to the aisles.



AgriMetal has developed a new brush system that can pick up leaves and branches. The brush is made of large 3/8 "nylon fingers with scooped steel scales located between the nylon fingers. The fingers and rotate freely to avoid damaging the grass, while they pick up the leaves and branches.


Adjustment without tools

The height of the front roller is easily adjustable without tools.


Low ground pressure

2 sets of wheels are mounted on a flexible axle to ensure the least possible pressure on the ground, in order to avoid scratches on the ground in sharp bends and rough terrain.


A flexible pipe

The optional hose allows the operator to access areas that the head can not reach.



The exhaust of the Multi-Vac series makes it possible to expel the air at the bottom of the rear door and thus directs the dust directly to the ground.


Hydraulic lifting system

A hydraulic lifting system is used to empty the debris from the grass catcher. The bin tilts at a 60-degree angle to completely empty the box. This fast and efficient system allows the operator to quickly return to the field, maximizing productivity.


Platform for cleaning


A platform, located in the near the fan, allows the operator to safely and properly clean the inside of the blower. A siphon is located at the bottom of the blower to evacuate water and residues. Once the grass catcher is tilted, it is quick and easy to wash the inside.




We Provide, Lawn Turf, Golf Course Machinery, Landscape Machinery, Drainage Machinery, Lawnmowers, Commercial Mowers, Racecourse Machinery, Compact Tractors, Aeration Machinery, Spreaders, RTVs and Quads

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We Also Provide Sand, Gravel, Stone from our Quarry

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