Lawn Turf Production

Martyn's Grass Lawns choose only the lightest soil types available in the region, which are free from significant stone, debris and weed to enable the mature sod to successfully transplant and readily re-transplant.

Grass seed mixtures are sourced from the best breeders worldwide, each mixture being meticulously cleaned and blended. With the use of specialised equipment, we prepare and seed the ground to produce a sod of premium quality.

During a two-year growing period, Martyn's continuous programme of spraying, mowing and vacuuming of clippings ensures the production of a top quality sod..

Lawn Turf Harvesting

Years of research have helped us to perfect the most efficient method of harvesting the sod. Available in: ¾ sq. yd. or 1 sq. yd. rolls and also available in the big roll system, which consists of 20 yd. rolls.
Martyn's Grass Lawns have established that the best results are obtained from a thinly cut sod transplanted within 48 hours of harvesting and well watered in dry conditions.
Our Harvester is custom built into our tractors to guarantee a precision cut sod.


Our production facility is operational all year round, subject to weather. The sod is available for delivery within 24 hours of harvesting.
The sod is placed on pallets, loaded onto our trucks for delivery. When it arrives on site it is placed in the desired locations by our Mounty forklift.
The Mounty Forklift, with its extending arm, allows the driver to offload the sods even in the most difficult areas


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