Martyns provide pitch care & pitch maintenance services for artificial and natural pitches in the Connacht region.


All services provided listed below

  • GKB top clean
  • GKB
  • Aeration
  • Deep Cleaning

Why Maintain Pitches

Astroturf Pitches need a regular pitch maintenance. Services provided can

  • help extend lifespan of a pitch
  • reduce compaction
  • improve drainage
  • improve brush pile and appearance
  • decrease the risk of an injury to players
  • reduce disease and infection to players

Natural Pitches need a regular pitch maintenance. Services provided can

  • improve grass quality
  • improve drainage
  • reduce compaction
  • decrease injuries
  • reduce thatch
  • level hollows

Services Provided for Artificial Pitches

See Pitch Cleaning in Operation



Aeration, this practice is used to relieve pitch compaction, which if not addressed can lead to earlier fatigue & injury of a player (most common ACL), it also helps with drainage of pitches, it allows surface water to escape.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is recommended to be done a minimum of twice yearly, this machine removes dirt using a rotating brush.

It also removes fine particles with its vacuum system.


Brushing practice is done to level the infill to ensure the uniformity of the surface, brushing a synthetic pitch prevents pile lean and pile flattening.

Surface Cleaning

Surface cleaning. The dirt on the field ends up on a vibrating screen. This sieve will separate infill material from the debris

Services Provided for Natural Pitches


We use the Agri-Vator which uses solid tines to pierce the turf and then vibrates to allow for better drainage and reduce soil compaction. An essential service which will reduce player injuries

Top Dressing

Top Dressing after aeration builds up the quality of the soil and drainage over time. Decreases organic matter build up and also can level any hollows.


Overseeding is the planting of grass seed directly into existing turf, without tearing up the turf, or the soil.

It’s an easy way to fill in bare spots & improve the density .