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Mowers Flail Martyns sell new and used machines , these machines firstly are used for the control of long grass, they operate as flail only and flail collectors therefore used in landscaping

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 Martyns are the sole distributors for branson

tractors in Ireland. Firstly martyns are growers of lawn turf. moreover we sell machines for 

groundcare golf and racing companies. Type of a equipment we provide are as follows; drainage machinery, lawnmowers, commercial mowers, racecourse machinery. in addition specialize in compact tractors. We also sell aeration machinery rtv, gators and quads. therefore martyns are experts in groundcare . See  more specialized items see other machinery category

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Mowers Flail

    Brown Brush Mower

    For Hire

    Design Features

    New And Used Models Available

    HONDA GX 390 (13HP) Electric or Recoil start

    QUADRO CUT Blade Assembly with Stump Jumper

    Width of cut 26” -- Adjustable cutting height

    Minimum cutting height 2”

    Blade tip speed 150 MPH

    129 Blade strikes per second

    Blades sharpened both sides and ends for interchange ability and double life

    ½” Cutting chip width


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    Muratori MT30R Flail


    FROM  €     4,509.00


    MT30R - Flail mower with grass collector for tractors up to 35 HP


    Lightweight flail mower for lawns, garden, parks, sports fields etc.

    Fit particularly well on all kind of small tractors.

    The paddle knives allows a very regular cut.

    The rear catcher gathers the cut grass.

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    Muratori MTL2 Flail


    From €4150+Vat


    MTL2 - Flail mower with extensible arm for tractors up to 35 HP

    Thanks to its extensible arms, this flail mower can work in extreme offset position and in various different angles.

    It is ideal for the use in green areas (like parks, gardens etc.).

    Strong and versatile, it is not excessively heavy so to suit also small tractors.

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    Muratori MT30 Flail




    MT30 - Shredder for grass and vine-prunings for tractors up to 35 HP


    Flail mower for grass, grapevine shoots and small prunings.

    The possibility of mounting the side offset and different shaped tools, fit this model to use in various conditions.

    It is an ideal implement, which satisfies the small farm as well as green maintenance and garden cent

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    Peruzzo 1.8 Flail Mower Collector

    For Hire

    Peruzzo 1.8 Flail Mower Collector

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