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Scarifiers are used to  referred to as a ‘dethatcher’, is a tool that is designed to cut through the soil, helping to remove dead moss and other debris like grass cuttings.,

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    Designed for continuous heavy-duty operation on fairways and tees.

    Depth adjustments can be made in the field with no tools using a simple detent pin in 3/16″ adjustments.

    Unique swing-hitch allows easy turns around objects.

    Quiet all-belt design means no chains to maintain.

    Pivot points in hitch allow

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    GKB Combinator

    • The GKB Combinator is a grass removal machine that can scarify and mill in one machine
    • It can remove the top layer and annual meadow grass from a sports field without affecting the root network
    • The machine is driven behind a tractor and the milled material can be reused as compost for the sports field
    • It features a high-quality steel housing and a pa

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    GKB Sandfiller

    • The Sandfiller is a machine that combines scarifying, removal, and sand-filling to improve greens.
    • It mills slots in turf and fills them with sand using a conveyor belt and press rollers.
    • The machine can scarify, sand, and reseed in one pass and can be used in different ways.
    • It has a working width of 120 cm, depth of 2-4 cm, and weight of 20 kg.

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    GKB VStrong

    • Uses a CombiRotor, a powered cutting rotor with vertical cutting discs and scarifying blades, to effectively remove weeds and a greasy top layer without the use of pesticides
    • Has a working depth of up to 5 centimeters
    • Has a working speed of up to 12 km/h
    • Easy to attach to common tractors
    • Adjustable working depth
    • Adjustable bla

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