Martyn Lawns supply new and used Top Dressers.

If you haven’t heard the term before, top-dressing consists of spreading a thin layer of beneficial material on your grass for the purpose of improving it and making it healthier.

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Top Dresser Hire

    Dakota 410 Turf Tender

    For Hire
    • The Turf Tender 410 is a machine that saves time and effort for turf maintenance.
    • Available in pull-behind and mounted models.
    • Designed to meet turf maintenance needs, be it spreading dry or wet, light or heavy, wide or narrow.
    • The control box allows the operator to adjust the spread width and thickness without having to stop.
    • It requires

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    Earth & Turf Multispread

    For Hire
    1. The MultiSpread 62SP come standard with a 6.5 HP Briggs & Stratton engine.
    2. The widespread beater broadcasts the topdressing material up to 42 inches.
    3. All drive power runs to an easy-to-use hydrostatic drive.
    4. An operator friendly handle allows you to engage the drive in forward or reverse with no double spreadi

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    GKB Sandspreader

    For Hire
    • Sturdy wheelbase for perfect stability and weight dispersion
    • Bunker is shaped for good visibility and efficient sand discharge
    • Adjustable conveyor belt speed
    • Double hydraulically driven, precisely adjustable spreading discs
    • Standard overrun brake
    • LED-lighting

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    For Hire
    • Honda Engine 4.4HP
    • Hydrostatic (Rear Wheel Drive)
    • 120 lb Hopper Capacity
    • Spread Width up to 12’
    • Marine-Grade Stainless Steel Cables
    • 3mph Spreading Speed 5mph for Quick Transport
    • Large Turf-Safe Treads

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