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    Muratori ME1


    ROTARY HARROW FOR TRACTORS UP TO 35 HP A lightweight range of rotary harrows, ideal for orchard ond vineyard cultivation, and for any situation demanding low power-requirement and compact dimensions. Will fit up to any small tractor. STANDARD EQUIPMENT: • 3-point linkage Cat.1 • Shear pin on drive line • “L“ shaped tine • Kit safety guards CE

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    Muratori MZ4


    MZ4 - Rotary hoe for tractors up to 40 HP

    The MZ4 is sturdy and versatile, can work in any kind of soil in most variable conditions.

    HP rating : 40hp engine.

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    Muratori MT30R Flail


    FROM  €     4,509.00


    MT30R - Flail mower with grass collector for tractors up to 35 HP


    Lightweight flail mower for lawns, garden, parks, sports fields etc.

    Fit particularly well on all kind of small tractors.

    The paddle knives allows a very regular cut.

    The rear catcher gathers the cut grass.

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    Muratori MTL Flail Mowers


    MTL2- Flail mower with extensible arm for tractors up to 35 HP

    Thanks to its extensible arms, this flail mower can work in extreme offset position and in various different angles.

    It is ideal for the use in green areas (like parks, gardens etc.).

    Strong and versatile, it is not excessively heavy so to suit also small tractors.

    MTL5 - Flail mower with extensible arm for tractors up to 6

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    Muratori Loader Attachments Hydraulic Driven


    Muratori Loader Attachments

    Hydraulic Driven Can be fitted to any loaders with hydraulics.

    Loaders compatible with these machines are

    (for Norcar, Avant, CSF Multione, Cast, Taian, Weidemann, Toro Dingo, Mustang - Gehl, Tobroco Giant, Knikmops, Schäffer, Schäffer "B", Schäffer New, Skid Steer) and many more

    Rotary Tiller Stone Burier Finishing Mower Flail mower Powe

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    Muratori MR Finshing Mowers


    Muratori Mr Finishing Mowers

    Top Class Italian Built Machinery

    3pt linkage 3 blade 4 heavy duty pneumatic tyres

    Come in sizes

    120cm, 135cm, 150cm, 180cm, 210cm,

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    Muratori MT30 Flail




    MT30 - Shredder for grass and vine-prunings for tractors up to 35 HP


    Flail mower for grass, grapevine shoots and small prunings.

    The possibility of mounting the side offset and different shaped tools, fit this model to use in various conditions.

    It is an ideal implement, which satisfies the small farm as well as green maintenance and garden cent

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    Muratori Stoneburier 145


    Muratori Stoneburier 145

    complete with packer roller,

    built to last,

    see our fully Muratori range

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