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Are you looking for a fast and efficient way to seed or overseed your golf course or sports pitch? With the Combi seeder we offer you both solutions, as well as the possibility to seed multiple types of grass. The Combiseeder has two spiked rollers, that open up the soil and accuately spread seed across the full width of the machine, in and around the holes. Two drag brushes incorporate the seed into the holes. This method results in minimal surface disruption. The Combi seeder is also uniquely equipped with two water tanks that allow you to ballast the machine, to aid spike penetration on harder surfaces.

Accurate seeding machinery

The seed dosing system gives you the opportunity to accurately divide the amount of seed on the soil. It is possible to seed from 3 up to 50 grams per square meter. Using the lever behind the seed hopper you can adjust the opening for the seed dosing.

The conical spike rollers produce 1500 holes per square meter, opening up the surface, consequently, the seed falls behind the first roller. The spike rings are loosely mounted on a rotor tube so they can move separately, enabling you to make turns without damaging the grass. Behind the rollers, the two brushes sweep seed and topdressing, with the first brush being adjustable for pressure and the second following the contours.


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