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Agrimetal 1600

All 3 point hitch AgriMetal blowers are standard without air deflectors.

However, a 180 degree manual deflector is included on the 1600 model blower.

On the 2500, 3000, 3500, and 4500 model blowers hydraulic deflector kits are available.

The kit includes a 180 degree air deflector and an angle air deflector. The 180 degree deflector redirects the air in the opposite direction. The angle air deflector redirects the air downward to blow leaves that are matted to the ground, grass clipping, and/or to blow aeration cores off the fairways. Both deflectors are controlled from the operator’s seat.

Our impellers are made from 6061T6 aluminium. They are dynamically balanced for a smooth and vibration free operation. Its lightweight construction reduces the load on the belt as the PTO is engaged. An aluminium impeller requires less energy at full throttle. This is why our blowers develop superior wind velocity.

Another AgriMetal innovation is the large roller on which the blower rides on. Thanks to this roller the blower let you work in the worst conditions without marking or compacting the terrain. In contrast to the competition, the roller will often repair imperfections on the fairways. Further more, flat tires are a thing of the past due to the use of the roller. The low decibel series of blowers has been designed for maximum productivity and minimum maintenance keeping the operator working in the field where he belongs.

AgriMetal 3 point hitch low decibel series blowers offer the best warranty in the industry: 1 year warranty on all parts and labor Additional 2 year limited warranty on parts including belts (excluding PTO drive line shaft).



  • 6 BLADES
  • 130 MPH AIR FLOW
  • 87db
  • 16 HP @ PTO
  • WEIGHT 1410KG

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