GKB Drainmaster

  • The Drainmaster improves and accelerates drainage on sports fields and golf courses
  • It mills trenches, collects milled material for reuse, and fills trenches with drain sand
  • Improves drainage and increases stability and quality of grass
  • Has excellent build quality, user-friendliness and can be used with Combinator for optimal results
  • Increases playing capacity and minimizes play damage
  • Can cover full length of sports field in one pass
  • Can be connected to tractor


Drainmaster – Improve drainage over your entire sports turf

Do you have a natural grass sports field or golf course where surface water causes a problem? Does the field remain wet for too long, making you fail to achieve the desired playing hours? And do you have a lack of time or budget to support a complete renovation? With the Drainmaster we offer the ultimate machine to tackle these problems.
The Drainmaster has been in continuous development with us since 1985. Over the years, the concept has been further refined. The system is designed to improve and accelerate the drainage of surface water, increasing the stability and quality of the grass stock.


How does the GKB Drainmaster work?

  1. You drive the Drainmaster behind your tractor over the sports grass field.
  2. The machine mills 2 or 3 trenches of 4 cm wide, perpendicular to the existing drainage system.
  3. The milled material is discharged via the conveyor belt.
  4. Your parallel driver will pass by with a collecting container that you can use to collect the milling material. You can reuse this as a dress ground.
  5. The Drainmaster then fills the trenches with drain sand as desired, from the sand bunker.
  6. The rear wheels of the machine push the sand into the trench


GKB Drainmaster: increase the playing capacity of your sports field

The result of working with the Drainmaster? In a few weeks, the grass will grow over the sand trenches again. This results in better drainage due to a stronger grass stock. In this way you increase the playing capacity of the sports turf and minimize play damage. Now your field can last for years to come!
For an optimal result, choose the combination with our Combinator, so that your field is also nicely even.


Improve drainage with the Drainmaster

The Drainmaster has an excellent build quality and is built for user-friendliness. This is because the feedback from our own contractors goes directly to our product development. And you benefit from it! Something that’s great about this machine: the sand bunker is precisely adjusted so that you can cover a full length of a sports field in 1 pass or go 2 passes across the width.


Technical specifications of the Drainmaster

  • 2 or 3 parallel cutters (with a working width of 85 cm or 150 cm respectively)
  • Working depth of no less than 23 cm
  • 1x double-acting hydraulic valve depth control articulated drawbar
  • 2x double acting hydraulic valve clinder side tire and wheel set
  • Can be connected to your tractor with a towing eye

DM150  DM850 Click Here for Full Specs


Type Working width Working depth Hopper capacity Dimensions (LxWxH) Unladen weight Power requirement
DM150 150 cm / 59″ 0 – 23 cm / 0 – 9″ 4 m³ / 141 ft³ level 450 x 260 x 260 cm / 177 x 102 x 102″ 3300 kg / 7280 lbs unladen > 120 hp + creeper gear