Harley T6 Stone Rake

Harley rakes come in sizes T5,T6,and T8 Tractor Rake

T-6 Tractor Rake
One-Step Seedbed Preparation
You can make money sooner, faster and easier with a Harley Power Box Rake.

Harley is engineered to keep time consuming hand labor to a minimum.
If you can’t work because the job is wet, weedy, hard and rocky with erosion    everywhere, it can be dried, flattened, pulverized and ready for seed in       30 minutes.

No more grader box or pulverized passes and bald-spotted lawns.
The result is a beautiful lawn every time and increased credibility for       you. Engineered to get the job done fast, year after year.


Harley Stone  Rake

Roll-Back Barrier.
Rhino-Hide barrier above the roller allows you to quickly react to soil moisture conditions.

You can choose the size of material you want to leave in the seedbed.
Raising the barrier promotes faster soil drying and opening up of muddy sites.

Windrow Debris.
Large 4 position removable endplates allow you to direct material to make windrows.

Dual Independently Adjustable Gauge Wheels. Allows for skim passes for over-seeding, or adjust to cut drainage grades.

Pure Carbide Teeth Design. Not just carbide tough for long life, but
specially shaped to ensure the best possible seedbed sub-base fracture pattern  and superior moisture retention and release.

Triple-Sealed bearing ends.
For extra protection and long life.

Work Wet Sites Sooner
Harley’s adjustable Rhino-Hide Barrier lets you control particle size and speed the drying of wet areas.

Use the Harley Rake to Soften, Level, Mix and Grade.
Great for use on hard and compacted infield material, trench restoration and golf course construction.

Completely Remove Old Lawns.

With a Harley you can easily transform the old lawn into a perfect seedbed.
The Harley Stone  Rake is 4 Attachments in 1.
Why haul around all of those attachments? Grade, level, rake and remove debris.

Pulverize and prepare seedbed, remove old lawns and weeds.all with one tool.

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