Muratori MTL Flail Mowers

MTL2- Flail mower with extensible arm for tractors up to 35 HP

Thanks to its extensible arms, this flail mower can work in extreme offset position and in various different angles.

It is ideal for the use in green areas (like parks, gardens etc.).

Strong and versatile, it is not excessively heavy so to suit also small tractors.

MTL5 – Flail mower with extensible arm for tractors up to 65 HP
Standard equioment:

Standard driveline – Front safety protections -Rear roller – Hydraulic inclination adjustment – Hydraulic side adjustment – Gearbox at PTO 540 RPM and free wheel inside – Oscilling bearings with double row-bal mounted on rotor – Rotor with “Y” knives (rotor with hammers without any overprice if specified at the order) – Reflectors – Built according CE rules.

On request:Side skids – Double wide angle driveline – Antischock oil-pressure device.


Standard drive line

Safety and self levelling breakaway coupling

Front safety protection

Rear roller

Hydraulic side adjustment and hydraulic inclination adjustment

Gear box for PTO 540 RPM with free wheel inside

Skids welded on main frame

Rotor shaft with “Y” Knives / HAMMERS

Great attachment for a Branson Compact Tractor




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