Selvatici Aeroking

Selvatici  AeroKing

Width           HP min/max

165 cm             40/80

210 cm             50/80

250cm              55/80



Compaction is a problem for groundsman and green keepers worldwide. Aeration of compacted sports fields and golf courses is a common practice in all renovations and maintenance programs. The Selvatici Aeroking range can penetrate through the compacted turf with various tine sizes on different depths. Surface water can pass through the profile and it allows air into the root structure which leads towards a healthier grass plant and improved surface.

Extreme compactness of the machine

The effort on the tractor lifter is reduced because the center of gravity of the Aeroking aerator is moved more towards the tractor therefore the lever is less. You can expect solid construction of the whole machine as it derives from the more than 35 years of experience of Selvatici in the field of manufacturing machines.


Lever-shift 3-speed gearbox
Protected pto shaft with clutch
3-point hitch with adjustable width
Rear attachment for light towing
Prelubricated bearings without maintenance
Front roller with water ballast for depth adjustment
Patented tool-path guiding system that limits the thrust on the edges of the holes