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TYM has acquired Branson (Kukje Machinery) to bring our shared vision to life and create a brighter future for our customers.

As the exclusive distributor of TYM Tractors in Ireland, Martyns offers a range of high-quality compact tractors manufactured by a market leader in South Korea. Featuring engines from industry giants Cummins and Yanmar, these tractors are perfect for a variety of tasks such as landscaping, golf course maintenance, equestrian uses and farming. Martyns imports tractors with a power range of 19 to 78 horsepower.

TYM Compact Tractors Ireland are  recommended for use for tasks like:

  • Grading
  • Yard Work
  • Tilling
  • Large-scale mowing
  • Plowing
  • Leveling landscape
  • Maintaining roads

Recommended users are; Landscapers, Golf Courses, Nurseries , Small Farms, Estate Management, Equestrian, Schools & Universities.

Series 1 Sub-Compact Tractors

Series 2 Compact Tractors

Series 3 Compact Tractors

Loaders & Attachments